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TToys was founded with a passion to make a significant difference in the retailing of Toys in India. Our recognition and growing popularity as preferred retail store is a significant milestone in our journey. Moreover our toys are priced 20%-30% less than our closest competitors (If there are any in your area). Our cohesive brand portfolio strategy will help guide the processes by which brand assets are most effectively created, deployed, and managed - at the same time, supporting both top and bottom line business growth. There is no other retail business that could boast of such quick turn-around of stocks.
Currently we are offering TToys experience in 2 formats (800 SQFT and 1200 SQFT). In fact we can custom make our model based on the catchment and if you believe that there is an audience for our products we will innovate to suit the market needs.
The initial start-up cost is mostly on developing infrastructure of the Retail outlet in different business format. If the Franchisee has already had similar retail set up the start-up cost will be comparatively less. The costs involved are explained above in expenses and more section of this document.
If you are serious about becoming a franchise then we would like to meet with you to better understand if this could be the right business for you and thereafter discuss costs in detailed. You could see the estimated financials in this document for a brief understanding of the fees and deposits.
  • ? Quality Products,
  • ? Latest Trends,
  • ? Wide Variety of Latest toys
  • ? Presentation and Display
  • ? And above all Great Customer Service
It primarily depends of many factors such as Days of supply, Turn, Stock to sales ratio and Sell thru percentage. We also have stock management software which helps us to track daily/monthly stock.
  • ? Days of Supply is a key statistic which tells you how long it will take you to sell out of your present stock, assuming that sales continue at the same rate as recent past sales. For non-seasonal merchandise which sells at a relatively steady rate, you could use a longer basis period, such as 30 or 60 days. For seasonal merchandise, the rate of sale changes rapidly, and you would want to use a shorter period.
  • ? Turn is a measure of how many times your inventory is replaced in the course of a year.
  • ? Stock to sales ratio is the ratio of the inventory available for sale versus the quantity actually sold. For every unit sold, how many units were on hand?
  • ? Sell thru percentage is the percentage of stock you had available for sale which was actually sold.
The existing retailing space can be used for this model provided the brands, merchandise and products are complementing the sales of toys. Generally this is not recommended by TToys. We are looking for exclusive retailers who will be selling only our products.
We have a Franchise management system which you can opt as a property owner seeking to invest in our Franchise based on which we will help you run the franchisee remotely. You will have to give us a brief understanding of your market place and the potential you see of this business in your area based on which we will take a call.
  • ? Stores and Establishment Registration.
  • ? Sales Tax Registration.
  • ? Business name Registration.
  • ? Certificate of Occupancy.
  • ? Valid rental/lease agreement with the landlord for the period of the agreement.
  • ? Others based on your location of store.
  • ? Local Government Regulations as applicable.
Our franchise program is designed in such a manner that it assists a new franchisee in all area of operations and hence background really does not affect the store ownership and operations that much. Anybody with a penchant for success and profitability would easily be able to run a successful TToys store.
In fact we foresee a lot of successful businesspersons, women entrepreneurs, professionals, prime property owners, NRI’s and 2nd generation entrepreneurs taking this opportunity up.
We will definitely sit down with you and understand your long-term goals based on which we shall guide you on whether the TToys Franchise is ideal for you.
We believe women entrepreneurs are more creative and better in handling the day to day operations of retail outlets. The only requirement from us is that they should have required skills and experience to be able to manage the teams and be hands on with the daily operations of the business.
The idea of having this model is to attract people who are passionate about developing business relationship in the field of Toys retail. Typical profile should include, ? Franchisee should be extremely entrepreneurial , self-starter and open to new ideas and techniques used in sales
  • ? Should be retail savvy or must be willing and excited to get into toys retail.
  • ? Franchisee is expected to establish relationships and get business leads.
  • ? Franchisees should ensure that brochures and pamphlets are other marketing materials are made available at all advertising partner locations
  • ? Must be fluent in English and local languages
The franchisee model will only deal with selling products of TToys and below are the basic cost
  • ? Rentals & rental deposits for the retail property
  • ? Salary cost of employees manning the retail store.
  • ? Electricity, Taxes & Other day to day working costs.
  • ? Local marketing costs to improve the business.
  • ? License fee for stores and establishment registration.
  • ? Training cost.
  • ? Logistics cost.
  • ? Stock holding cost.
  • Please read our detailed financial model to understand all the costs involved to operate a TToys Franchise Store.
The staff should be recruited by the franchisee, no support in terms of selecting or recruitment of staff for Franchisor is provided by TToys. However, since we have been operating for a long time in the industry, we will be able to guide you on how to recruit your desired team.
Yes the TToys franchise is transferable provided all the legal and business formalities are satisfied.
All the sales will be billed through TToys operations and information software/applications at MRP or at discounted price as per instructions from the Company during the sales period. You get paid directly by the consumers, which in turn is used to procure stocks and manage your expenses and profits. TToys | Franchise Opportunity Docket
Working hours and shifts will be communicated after understanding your local market conditions. Generally the TToys store will be opened at 09:00 AM and will close at 07:00 PM.
The Initial training will be provided by TToys at their headquarters or designated location. Two Franchisee staff are required to attend this training. The Training will comprise of shop floor training and classroom training. Refresher training will be conducted every quarter or based on the necessity or performance of the Franchisee. The Training expense will have to be borne by the franchisee.
There is no seasonality in this business. We supply / distribute toys throughout the year.
Yes multiple franchisee can be operated in the same city, this would be possible based on the factors such as business need, performance of the earlier franchisee, customer preferences, etc. A business case shall be initiated by TToys for three month and later the proposal will be discussed with the franchisee.
Yes the geography is clearly defined, new outlets are set up to capture untapped markets and business territories can change quickly as more franchises are awarded. However, each retail outlet is sanctioned only if we know that there is enough potential in that location. We are interested in a long-term relationship with every one of our retailers and are committed to each of their profits.
TToys | Franchise Opportunity Docket
As TToys has strong online presence, the National marketing and branding is taken care by the company centrally. Brochures and supplementary marketing materials are provided by TToys. We also do National newspaper advertising program and hoardings to entice shoppers to your stores. Local advertising and marketing for improving the business is expected to be done by the Franchise, such as radio promotions, advertising through cable TV, local print ad’s etc. with prior approval from TToys. The revenue generated or fees collected will be reinvested or certain % of the revenue shall be allocated for advertising purpose.
This model requires commitment from the franchisee in establishing and running the retail outlet. The cash flows are expected within 3 – 6 months of operations go-live.
There are certain Social/political/legislative risks which are common to any retail or TToys industry and TToys franchise operates in similar market conditions. The investment made in the venture does not accrue any interest. The assets bought for this business cannot be sold to TToys.
In addition to the basic requirements mentioned earlier, the franchise is required to have good internet connectivity for running promotional events on LCDs. The Retail out-let shall have basic ambience for customers. Computers, Printer, POS software, Cameras, Retail Security Systems are essential part of a TToys Store.
The business plan is an essential document which should be submitted along with the application for taking up this franchise. Consultative support will be provided for new entrants in this field. The Business plan is based on Location and Format that you wish to start.
We have brought in significant sensitization as per the requirements of the Indian markets yet retaining the refreshment of being truly global.
TToys | Franchise Opportunity Docket
With a product line that is as exclusive and unique as TToys, average margins of up to 30% on sales and the existing product cycles for rotation gaining momentum as the markets have matured, there is literally no scope of slow moving stocks. TToys operates in a league of its own setting it apart from others, yet the overall company policies and operations bring in scope for maximum market capitalization thus giving unparalleled returns.
You can do your selection but TToys will have to approve of it. Any which ways we have a team of in house professionals constantly approving the right locations for our stores.
Availability of geographic areas can change quickly as franchises are awarded. You will need to get in touch with us for more information on this.
All TToys products will be made available through its Franchisee stores only and does not retail its products to other shop keepers or stores. The company only retails through its own outlets, hence all its products will only be available through them.
As a matter of principle, the franchise fee is non-refundable and is payable upon the sign up of the agreement in full without any option. The agreement is drawn for a period of five years.
The Goods will be sold to the franchisee and they will have to remit the value of the total purchases to the company. A Purchase Credit Limit is fixed by the company - equal to the amount of the security deposit furnished and thereafter it is the franchisees responsibility to ensure that the purchases are within the purchase credit limits.
TToys | Franchise Opportunity Docket
There will be an initial list of products that the company will recommend the franchisee to start with based on its experience of what would work in that catchment and thereafter it will fine tune, going forward with feedbacks from the franchisee partner. A Franchisee merchandise champion from the company at the backend is always analysing the product mix in every store and recommends optimum stock levels and stock mix to be maintained. Also we use the latest technologies & IT tools along with a daily product sales feedback mechanism to manage the stocks at all our stores.
No the Company does not give any Minimum Guarantee. Each outlet is commissioned only if it is profitable as per the Company’s conservative estimates. The company understands the potential of the store and based upon the feedback given by the franchisee of the potential of sale in the location they want to start the franchisee, the company helps the franchisee to understand what kinds of profit it could expect in the short and long term. We expect most of our retail showrooms to Cash break even in the first year of operation itself and grow steadily. However, in case a store does not perform as expected, the Company will conduct promotional events specific to that location’s need to generate traffic and achieve higher sale. Additional promotional budgets will be set aside for stores that require extra support to ensure that we always standby with all our franchises.
New outlets are set up to capture untapped markets and business territories can change quickly as more franchises are awarded. However, each outlet is sanctioned only if we know that there is enough potential in that location. We are interested in a long-term relationship with every one of our retailers and are committed to each of their profits. As our store operating policy, we do offer our existing franchisees the first chance to set up a new store whenever the prospect arises. We expect our partners to complete the research on foot traffic and vehicle traffic as well as neighbourhood demographics, while choosing a territory.
In fact we believe that TToys store would co-exist very well with any mass related, high footfall, fast moving goods stores. We could also co-exist with other lifestyle or experiences that draw our kind of consumers so as to co-exist with them and add value to both. Send us the details of your outlet and the kind of customers you get and we could get talking.
After signing the formal agreement, it normally takes 60 to 90 days to set and start the entire operations. These typically depend upon the property being readied more than anything else.
The company operates on a cash and carry basis. However the franchisee could avail a 30 days credit facility by providing a deposit for security.
Yes. We will provide you upon start-up and thereafter on-going training will ensure that you operate a TToys franchise very efficiently. In fact it is compulsory for the our Franchisee to spend at least 1 week at a designated TToys store doing everything from customer interaction to managing stock to going through the entire store operations from the minutest of details in person.
Franchisee is expected to be a custodian for inventory and will bear loss arising out of such incidences.
Fill up the application form and send the LOI to Sparkleminds and we shall revert back to you at the earliest. Alternatively you could check the st